Would you like some wood in your home?

Choosing to compliment your kitchen with a wood counter top can add a warm cozy feeling to your home. Traditionally, people will add some variation of stone or tile to their counters but natural wood is becoming more and more popular. There are multiple types of wood counter tops to choose from, such as maple, cherry, oak, birch, or even teak. Then you also get to decide if you would like them stained and how you would like them finished. Depending on the look your heart desires you have the option of butcher block, parquet, face grain, end grain planks or panels.
There are many bonuses to choosing a wood countertop! Not only does it add the warm feeling to your kitchen, but it is also warmer to touch (extra bonus in the winter!). Another benefit is that it is much softer than many other traditional countertops like quartz or granite. You will notice the benefit of this softness when setting glassware and dishes on it, besides that you will notice really any time you drop something on it. This is a very durable and long lasting counter top. If it happens to get any nicks or scratches, no worries! You can easily sand away the damage and re-oil the area.
Just like all other great things in the world, there are some negatives about wood countertops. They are not heat nor stain resistant. If not sealed correctly, wood can be a very porous material. In extreme weather conditions wood is known to shrink and expand, potentially causing some damage. Damage can also occur if it is exposed to prolonged sitting water. Lastly, they do require some maintenance, you can expect to refinish them approximately every 10-20 years.
Whether it is for your entire countertop or just an island, consider looking into wood countertops for your next remodel!


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